Sperm Freezing Mexico

Find fertility doctors who offer Sperm Freezing Mexico which ensures the availability of sperm should the male have difficulty producing.

Sperm Freezing Mexico offers the world’s most advanced equipment for semen processing and freezing at a fraction of the IVF treatment cost in the US. IVF treatment in Mexico requires prepared sperm for the fertilization process. Once sperm has been donated or retrieved, it is possible to store the washed sperm for use in later treatment cycles.

If male infertility is a factor in couples seeking IVF treatments, donated sperm from sperm banks can be used. Sperm banks and fertility clinics in Mexico use the same methods of freezing to store sperm.

A Good Candidate for Sperm Freezing

A good candidate for sperm freezing Mexico is prior to an Assisted Reproductive procedure such as IVF — storing sperm prior to an IVF cycle, egg donation or surrogate cycle ensures the availability of sperm should the male partner have difficulty producing a sample on the day of egg retrieval or should the male not be available to produce a fresh sample because of traveling or various other personal reasons.

Other reasons to consider sperm freezing:

  • Prior to cancer-related treatment
  • Prior to testicular or prostate surgery
  • Prior to a vasectomy
  • Prior to hormone replacement therapy
  • Patients with oligospermia (low sperm count)
  • Men in Military services

How is Sperm Frozen?

When the first specimen is received by the clinic in Mexico, a complete semen analysis is performed. The sample is protected and the specimen is split into several small vials and placed into an instrument that cools the specimen at a controlled rate until it reaches a temperature of -196°C. In this frozen state, the specimens are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks.

It is recommended that at least three to five semen specimens be stored to optimize the chances of initiating a pregnancy in the future.

How is Sperm Thawed?

Thaw frozen samples rapidly by removing from liquid nitrogen storage and place into a water bath at 37°C until nothing remains of the cryoprotective fluid. The sperm quality will be the same as before freezing. Thawed sperm is then used in IVF treatment using the same fertilization procedure as unfrozen sperm.

ICSI in Mexico is commonly used to increase the chance of fertilization. Sperm freezing Mexico gives the opportunity to men who are about to undergo treatments, like vasectomy, that may affect their semen production.

Coping with Male Infertility

Men struggling with infertility, in general, have fewer resources than women, feel socially isolated and are often forced to cope with infertility on their own. Many of these men may feel uncomfortable seeking outside support, especially from those they know.

Trusted and compassionate doctors and IVF specialists in Mexico provide support during this time and help you find healthy ways to remain confident in yourself and partner.

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