Embryo Freezing Mexico

The success rates from FET are among the highest in IVF treatments worldwide. Find fertility doctors in Mexico who offer embryo freezing Mexico.

IVF  Mexico involves fertilization of healthy eggs outside of the womb. Collected sperm is used to fertilize eggs, normally using the fertilization method of ICSI Mexico, and the resulting embryos are implanted in to the uterus. Extra embryos can be created during the fertilization process.

These embryos can be frozen and stored (embryo freezing Mexico) for use in future IVF treatment cycles. The success rates from frozen embryo transfers Mexico are among the highest in IVF treatments worldwide. Doctors and surgeons in Mexico provide sensitive, compassionate care for couples experiencing difficulties building a family.

Embryo Freezing Mexico Procedure Step by Step

Laboratories in Mexico are well-appointed with the highest quality and state-of-the-art equipment to store embryos in a safe and secure environment. Storage tanks in Mexico have been upgraded and streamlined to computer-controlled models, in order to provide patients with the most efficient and advanced service in IVF treatment.

Step 1— Before an embryo is frozen, all water must be removed. To prevent the embryo from being desiccated as the water is extracted; the water is replaced with a cyroprotectant solution that does not expand in size when it freezes.

Step 2—The embryo is inserted into a carefully labeled vial and placed in the cooling chamber of a controlled rate freezer.

Step 3— The embryo is cooled very slowly at -0.30C per minute. Slow cooling allows the embryologist to have precise control over the freezing process, to maximize water extraction from the embryo and to prevent formation of ice crystals.

Step 4— Vial is carefully lowered into the storage tank with other frozen embryos. The entire process takes several hours and the embryo(s) are stored frozen at –1960C in liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a safe and effective coolant, which is easy to work with in the laboratory.

Using Frozen Embryos

Frozen embryos can be used in any future IVF procedure or can be used for surrogacy purposes. Cryopreserved embryos are thawed gradually to ensure that the external temperature and age of the embryo are compatible with the uterus lining for embryo implantation. Frozen embryos can be used with frozen sperm in IVF with ICSI treatment. Frozen embryos can be donated to help other infertile couples conceive.

Clinics in Mexico offer the latest in IVF treatments using frozen embryos at very affordable costs, but without compromising on quality.

Thawing Frozen Embryos

Thawing of embryo involves removing the embryos from the liquid nitrogen, thaw at room temperature, remove the cryoprotectant fluid and mix the embryo in a special culture media. The mixture is then kept in the incubator ready for transfer.

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