Pregnant after IVF

Pregnant after IVF in Mexico? Get Information about birth control, expecting twins, and pregnancy tests. Learn more from top IVF specialists in Mexico.

Pregnant after IVF in Mexico? The pill can be prescribed by doctors in Mexico as part of the IVF practice to reduce the risk of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) in high responding patients. It prevents the woman’s body from stimulating natural ovulation by releasing hormones. Furthermore, patients without predictable periods can benefit from taking the pill in order to better plan their treatment or to initiate the IVF cycle.

According to doctors and IVF experts in Mexico, some women may even develop OHSS during a pregnancy following ovulation induction, as pregnancy itself is a natural cause for the rise in HCG levels.

Is it possible to plan for Twins?

Multiple births are a risk of IVF, eight times higher compared to normal pregnancies. Multiple births can be very risky both for the prospective mother and the baby; it is typically not preferred to plan a pregnancy with twins or triplets.

IVF clinics in Mexico cannot promise a couple twins by placing more embryos with IVF or increasing the number of follicles with ovulation medications. Inopportunely, placing more embryos or increasing the number of follicles, increases the risk of triplets or greater, which in turn further increases the overall risks.

Most twin pregnancies will however, result in the delivery of two healthy children with few significant complications. Talk with an IVF specialist in Mexico about the risks of a multiple pregnancy as it pertains to your specific treatment plan.

When can I initiate a pregnancy test?

As you finish an IVF cycle, the wait to pregnancy can be stressful. Although it’s possible to take a pregnancy test at home, due the effect of the medication the results can be falsified. For this reason it is best to wait to have the pregnancy test.

The fertility clinic in which a woman underwent the IVF procedure will carry out a blood pregnancy test. Nine days is the time frame for day five transfers, while day three transfers will require 11 days of waiting.

IVF in Mexico starts with the right guidance. And the focus is on you and your exclusive aspirations. IVF in Mexico offers personal support and individual assistance to each during the most difficult time—the dreaded 2 week wait.

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