Natural Cycle IVF

What is Natural Cycle IVF?

Natural Cycle IVF with ICSI uses conventional in vitro fertilization procedures without the use of fertility drugs to stimulate egg production.

Good Candidate for Natural Cycle IVF

In natural-cycle IVF, the usual high-dose hormone stimulation is avoided. Such a therapy may be suitable for younger women with regular cycles who require IVF or ICSI treatment but do not want or would not tolerate a high-dose hormone therapy because of a coagulation disorder.

Women whose ovaries fail to react adequately to high-dose hormone therapy are also offered this successful treatment option with the top IVF clinics in Mexico.

Natural Cycle IVF with ICSI Procedure

The woman’s natural menstrual cycle is monitored by an IVF doctor in Mexico through blood tests and ultrasound allowing the specialists to determine the correct time for mature egg collection.

Patients are monitored with several ultrasound and blood tests to follow the development of the single follicle. Operative egg retrieval is then performed to try to remove an egg from the single follicle. If the egg retrieval is effective, an attempt is made to fertilize the egg in the laboratory in the same way as conventional IVF. If a practical dividing embryo is produced, it is relocated back to the uterus.

Risks and Side Effects of Natural Cycle IVF

Advantages of natural cycle IVF with ICSI: Natural cycle IVF treatment is an option preferred by women whose infertility problems are not related to ovulation. Some consider natural cycle IVF with ICSI to be an advantage over drug-assisted IVF because the side effects associated with the fertility drugs are avoided. In addition, the treatment can be done repeatedly in consecutive months, whereas with regular IVF the patient is advised to wait 3 months before undergoing a further treatment cycle. Natural cycle in vitro fertilization is a more affordable infertility option as fertility drugs are not needed.

Disadvantages of natural cycle IVF with ICSI: Fewer eggs are produced during natural menstruation cycles than if ovulation is induced using fertility medication. When fewer eggs are produced; selecting quality, healthy eggs for use in treatment becomes more difficult. As a result, the success rates of natural cycle IVF are lower than conventional IVF.

Recovery from Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF will reduce patient discomfort, reduce the risks of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, and the additional risks associated with multiple births, therefore, making the recovery process extremely feasible and comforting.

IVF Clinics in Mexico

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