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IVF Tijuana just 20 minutes from San Diego, California. IVF Tijuana clinic boasts one of the highest IVF success rates in the country. Get free quote now.

IVF Tijuana Pregnant Woman IVF Tijuana, egg donation Tijuana, and gender selection Tijuana are highly effective and affordable fertility options for many couples.

The desire to have children is a powerful and rewarding journey — but for millions of individuals, medical hindrances make it difficult or impossible to conceive and become pregnant naturally.

IVF is a highly successful option at the top fertility clinics in Tijuana for couples who are struggling with infertility. IVF Tijuana was developed to overcome infertility due to fallopian tube problems in women, but to date, it has become the staple treatment for virtually all forms of infertility in both men and women.

Becoming a Parent through IVF Tijuana

IVF in Tijuana Mexico begins with a private consultation with one of our world-renowned fertility specialists to discuss your fertility history and your expectations. There are several advantages to IVF in Tijuana. Eggs can be evaluated and fertilization can be confirmed in the lab, and there is more opportunity to influence sperm concentration.

IVF program takes place in an 18 day period that consists of the following (5 or 6 appointments, no overnight stays):

  • Day 1; start the treatment on the second day of your period
  • Days 9 to 10, ovarian stimulation protocol (ultrasounds must be done in order to see development)
  • Day 11, trigger shot
  • Day 12, egg retrieval and sperm sample retrieval
  • Days 13-17, 3 to 5 days for embryo to develop and be ready to transfer
  • Day 17 for embryo transfer
  • 1 or 2 extra days for rest

Tijuana Fertility Clinic is 6 minutes away from the border. If you are local to California, you can drive across the border and save money on flights as well as stay working as you do not have to ask for 18 days off work to complete treatment.

Progressive Results with Blastocyst Transfer Tijuana

A blastocyst is an embryo that has divided into many cells over the five-day period following egg retrieval. Blastocysts are a more advanced group of embryos, making them more likely to implant. Resultant of the higher implantation rate, our fertility specialists only require the transfer of two blastocysts to obtain exceptional pregnancy rates.

Highly skilled embryology unit services vibrant efforts to sustain the process of embryo development to blastocyst stage. During the procedure, a special catheter containing the embryos or blastocysts is guided through the cervix, and the embryos/blastocysts are gently placed near the top of the uterine cavity.

We are constantly upgrading our equipment and seeking continuing education to ultimately translate this meticulous process into higher pregnancy rate for our patients.

Advanced IVF Tijuana with ICSI Procedure

If you are diagnosed with male fertility problems, such as a low sperm count or an inability for the sperm to penetrate the egg, IVF is unlikely to result in fertilization.

IVF Tijuana fertility specialists will familiarize you with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) treatment. ICSI can also be used if the male partner has previously had a vasectomy.

With the use of advanced micromanipulation equipment, a single sperm is injected into each egg. This is a meticulous procedure performed by our skilled embryologists.

“Tijuana Fertility Clinic gave us a positive response from the very first conversation that’s what made us decide to choose this clinic. From the clinic staffs, clinic cleanliness through the caring doctor and the caring nurses, we have no regrets going to Tijuana Fertility Clinic to conceive our first child! I’m currently 7 weeks!”

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