What is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome OHSS?

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In order to prepare the woman for an IVF procedure a range of medications are typically induced. Most women do not have any problems with the medication but in rare cases ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome can occur.

OHSS occurs when the ovaries enlarge through the creation of too many follicles. Mild OHSS does not pose great dangers, though painful symptoms can arise, such as abdominal swelling or small ovarian cysts.

More complicated cases of OHSS affects about 2% of women taking fertility medication. It can lead to an enhancement of the ovaries and liquid can build up in the stomach and flow back to the chest.

Symptoms of OHSS (Severe)

Symptoms of a severe case of OHSS are nausea, heavy stomach pain and being short of breath. Women affected by severe OHSS need to be treated in a hospital. If symptoms occur it usually takes place 3-5 days after the egg collection.

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