IVF Mexico Success Rates

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While fertility treatment can be expensive in the US, the UK, and Canada — IVF clinics in Mexico are achieving the highest possible ivf mexico success rates, while decreasing the number of treatment attempts and the expense.

According to SART, IVF success varies with many factors. The age of the woman is the most important factor, when women are using their own eggs. Success rates decline as women age, specifically after the mid-30’s. Part of this decline is due to a lower chance of getting pregnant from ART, and part is due to a higher risk of miscarriage with increasing age, especially over age 40.

IVF Mexico Success Rates varies with the number of embryos transferred. However, transferring more and more embryos at one time does not increase the chance of live birth significantly, but may only increase the risk of a multiple pregnancy, and its associated risks. The impact of the number of embryos that are transferred also varies with the age of the woman.

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Highest Pregnancy Success Rates

Mexico is considered one of the leading fertility destinations for reproductive medicine and subsequently high IVF Mexico success rates.

IVF treatment has helped more than 3.5 million women successfully conceive. The success of IVF treatment depends on the age of the woman, the number of eggs produced after stimulating ovulation with fertility drugs, the quality of the semen, if cryopreserved sperm and eggs are used, the quality of resulting embryos, and the number of transferred embryos that successfully implant into the uterus.

Success rates for IVF are higher for women under 35, however IVF can be combined with additional assisted reproductive methods, such as assisted hatching to increase the success rate in older women.

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