Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico

Find fertility doctors who specialize in Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico where women with lowered ovarian reserve have a shot at pregnancy using their own eggs.

Gaining great popularity in Mexico, Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico allows women with lowered ovarian reserves to succeed pregnancy using their own eggs, while simultaneously having a back-up egg reserves through the use of egg donation Mexico.

Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico allows you to receive a lower dose of medication since you need fewer good quality eggs. At the end of the Tandem Cycle process, you choose what combination of your own eggs and donor eggs to use. This also allows you the chance to freeze donor’s eggs for a future cycle without facing the cost of two separate IVF cycles.

With attractively low costs for Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico, IVF Clinics in Mexico have emerged as the most cost-effective fertility destinations in the world.

A Good Candidate for Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico

A tandem cycle is a great option for older women and for women with elevated FSH levels. A tandem cycle can be seen as investing in two different stocks to divide the risk of your investment, so the risk is minimized.

Deciding to go ahead with a Tandem IVF Cycle in Mexico is not an easy decision, so it is advised that you seek counselling and consider your options open to you before deciding.

For IVF over 40, you may have undergone tests and told that hormone are too low to proceed with their own eggs, in which the fertility specialists may consider a Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico.

Women who have a low egg reserve will look to go ahead with a Tandem cycle to build on the number of eggs on egg collection day with donor eggs.

Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico Procedure

Tandem IVF Cycle Mexico occurs much like a regular IVF procedure. However, women do not need to take as high a dose of medication because the object is not to extract a high quantity of eggs, as it is in traditional IVF.

After eggs are retrieved, donated eggs from an egg donor are placed alongside the intended parents eggs.

Which embryos do we transfer?

This is a decision made by you with your doctor and embryologist, embryo development will be monitored and you will be guided. If the embryos developed from your own eggs are of a good quality, the embryos developed from the donor can be frozen and you may have only your embryos transferred. The pregnancy success in this case varies according to your age.

If the embryo quality of the couple is not suitable for transfer or embryos do not go on to develop, the embryos developed from the donor egg are transferred but of course you will be counseled and guided and do what you feel is best. In this case the chances of pregnancy is 75-80%.
In some cases, both embryos developed from you and the donor eggs can be transferred at the same time, even if the double embryo is transfer in quality and if there is double approval. In this case, there is a chance of 75-80% pregnancy. However, it is not possible to know which embryo is pregnant except for genetic tests.

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