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Egg Donation Laws Mexico

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It is significantly important to understand the laws of the country and the set of standards used for selecting egg donors in Mexico. Egg donation Mexico is effusively permitted and has become a valuable resource for many patients in the US and UK resultant of the non-existent wait times and availability of donors.

What Does the Law Say?

The usage of egg donation Mexico and sperm donation Mexico is regulated by the General Law of Health in Mexico and the National Center of Transplants, the Directory of State Councils and Centers for Transplantation and Hospitals licensed to carry out transplants.

Egg, sperm and embryo donation are legal in Mexico and the IVF Mexico clinics within our network offer such treatment to international patients. Patients preferring embryo donation can also benefit from such treatment – donating embryos is also legal and widely accessible in Mexican clinics. Donors may receive compensation for the costs they incurred by their egg or sperm donation.

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