Embryo Adoption Mexico

Find IVF doctors in Mexico who provide options like Embryo Adoption Mexico, the adoption of frozen embryos donated by another couple.

Embryo Adoption Mexico is affordable and entails the best of both aspects of egg donation with adoption.

Embryo Adoption is the adoption of frozen embryos donated by another couple. Couples that have undergone fertility treatments in Mexico sometimes end up with more viable, living embryos than are needed for their family building plans.

These embryos are left cryopreserved — embryo adoption offers couples in Mexico a superlative alternative. Embryo donation can provide the opportunity to assist others who want to conceive by donating available embryos and giving someone else the option to start or add to their own family.

A Good Candidate for Embryo Adoption

Pregnancy with donated embryos may not be a good option for everyone, but for many women and their partners it offers the chance to build their family without substantial legal and financial burdens. Couples facing the prolonged progression of adoption or high costs of fertility treatments often find pregnancy with donated embryos, or embryo adoption, an admirable substitute to donor eggs or traditional adoption.

Embryo Adoption Mexico Procedure

Anonymously donated embryos inside the top clinics in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Guadalajara, and Tijuana are an extremely affordable alternative to egg donation and adoption with similar benefits. Once a suitable match is found, up to two donor embryos are transferred into the womb of the intended mother. This donor embryo transfer is similar to using IVF with an egg donor.

Since the embryo donors have waived their parental rights to the embryos, the resulting pregnancy belongs to the couple receiving the embryos. Embryos are grown in the laboratory and are then transferred into the uterus of the intended mother using FET.

Risks and Side Effects of Embryo Adoption

A pregnancy resulting from embryo adoption Mexico has the same risks, to the baby and the recipient, as any other pregnancy with the additional consideration of the age and medical conditions of the donors.

There is an increased risk of multiple births when multiple embryos are transferred to the uterus.

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