Medical Review Policies

Medical Review Board

In order to produce and maintain high-quality medical information, LIV Fertility Center continually supports and refines its medical review process.

Content is medically reviewed by Medical Director and Fertility Experts, Dr. Isabel Suarez, M.D. and Dr. Aline Garcia, M.D.

Our goal is to present evidence-based fertility information. Therefore, content is created using the best available evidence from international guidelines, government agencies and peer-reviewed literature.  In the event of possible outdated or misleading information, content is additionally reviewed and edited.

Independent Review by Medical Professionals

Additionally, the LIV Fertility Center works with outside, independent reviewers to:

  • Review content in their specialty areas
  • Ensure content is up-to-date with the most recent treatment guidelines and practices
  • Perform consistency checks across products

The Independent Medical Reviewers are affiliated with leading institutions across the country, including top hospitals and organizations. Reviewers are chosen to review medical content only in the clinical areas in which they have been formally trained and actively practice.

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