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Egg Donation Puerto VallartaEgg Donation Puerto Vallarta is a process in which a fertile woman donates an egg, or oocyte, to another woman to help her conceive. It is a part of assisted reproductive technology, or ART.

The procedure typically involves a doctor removing an egg or eggs from the donor, fertilizing them in a laboratory, and then transferring the resulting embryos into the recipient’s uterus. Doctors do this using an implantation procedure, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) Puerto Vallarta.

Sometimes, specialists at the facility may freeze some or all the embryos for later use or implantation in different women.

Whether experiencing infertility due to prior illness, chromosomal abnormalities, early menopause, premature ovarian failure, or poor egg quality, hopeful parents are often able to become pregnant by undergoing IVF using eggs donated by a young woman. We are also pleased to help the LGBTQ community with their family-building needs.

What to Expect During Egg Donation Puerto Vallarta

The Donor: Undergoes the first part of IVF, including ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval

The Recipient: Undergoes the embryo transfer

The two women’s cycles are synchronized by a combination of birth control pills and Lupron. When the cycle begins, the donor uses the usual stimulatory medications used during other fertility treatments, whereas the recipient takes a combination of estrogen and progesterone to prepare her uterine lining for the implantation.

When the donor’s eggs are mature, she undergoes follicle aspiration by the standard trans-vaginal ultrasound-guided method under conscious sedation. The recipient’s partner provides the sperm and fertilization takes place in the laboratory as with standard IVF.

Embryo transfer is usually scheduled for day 5 (blastocyst), unless other factors dictate a transfer on day 3. After the embryo transfer is completed, the recipient continues to take estrogen and progesterone through the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Egg Donation Puerto Vallarta is essentially identical to those of standard IVF. The stimulation of the donor is the same as the stimulation of IVF patients using their own eggs, laboratory procedures are identical, and the same type of embryo transfer technique is used for the recipient.

Egg donation Puerto Vallarta is very clearly the most successful fertility procedure that is available. This is due to a combination of young eggs, optimal preparation of both donor and recipient, and careful synchronization between donor and recipient.

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