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Stress and Infertility

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Stress and infertility plays a major role on the journey to parenthood. Stress can take a toll on couples who are trying to conceive the old-fashioned way — let alone fertility treatment.

Preparing for the road ahead — with a little help from IVF in Mexico

Preparing for IVF Mexico treatment can be very stressful and worrisome time; so many distressing thoughts and questions consume your mind. According to doctors and IVF experts, there is a strong connection between the stress of receiving fertility treatments, and the success or failure of those treatments.

IVF clinics in Mexico advise patients to travel to Mexico a couple of days ahead of their treatment, and become allured and consumed by the stress-free wonders of Mexico. Mexico is blessed with abundant natural beauty that can turn your visit into a memorable, blue sky holiday. Although some stress cannot be avoided, severe stress can strain the daily lives of prospective parents.

Stress can increase with each phase of the IVF cycle. The two-week wait after the embryo transfer is often the worst. You are not alone. Worry and grief are common feelings associated with IVF and infertility.

Top Uncertainties Associated with IVF

  • Affording IVF treatment
  • Daily demands of IVF treatment
  • Missing work
  • Adverse effects of hormone treatments
  • Failing to conceive altogether
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