Embryo Donation Mexico

Find IVF doctors in Mexico. Embryo donation is an option that is open to IVF patients in Mexico who have embryos that they do not wish to use themselves.

Embryo donation in Mexico enables the embryos created by couples undergoing IVF treatment or embryos created from donor sperm and donor eggs to be transferred to the female patient.

Embryo donation is an option that is open to IVF patients in Mexico who have embryos that they do not wish to use themselves. They can donate the embryos — to make them available to other couples who are attempting pregnancy. The recipient couple then uses the donated embryos instead of their own. Embryo donation can be accomplished in two ways—with a first time IVF cycle or at later time using embryos previously frozen — frozen embryo transfer (FET).

IVF clinics in Mexico are extremely proficient at freezing embryos and have higher survival rates when thawing the embryos and high pregnancy success rates using frozen embryos. Some clinics in the US and UK do not achieve these same results.

A Good Candidate for Embryo Donation

The best indications for embryo donation in Mexico include infertility that involves both partners, infertility in a single woman, recurrent pregnancy loss thought to be related to embryonic factors, and genetic disorders affecting one or both partners. Single men and women facing cancer treatment are also good candidates for embryo donation as they can preserve their sperm or eggs to produce embryos for use after recovery stage.

Embryo Donation Procedures

Embryo donation in Mexico undertakes medical and psychological screening for all gamete donor cycles. The female partner also endures an evaluation of the uterine cavity and the endometrium is controlled with estrogen and progesterone in anticipation of the frozen embryo transfer or FET.

The treatment used in embryo donation is the same that is used for women receiving their own frozen embryos. Read more about Frozen Embryo Transfer in our detailed guide.

Risks and Side Effects of Embryo Donation

A pregnancy resulting from embryo donation in Mexico has the same risks, to the baby and the recipient, as any other pregnancy with the additional consideration of the age and medical conditions of the donors. It is extremely important to discuss this information with your IVF doctor in Mexico as it may affect the specific care received.

Embryos Available

Mexico uses embryos donated anonymously by infertile patients and couples for immediate placement. The availability of embryos is limited in the US and Canada and does not offer the wide variety of choices Mexico allows. IVF Clinics in Mexico further provides supportive services to families considering embryo donation and adoption.

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