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Male infertility can be a result of impaired sperm production or a blockage preventing ejaculation. Fertility specialists in Mexico use the sperm retrieval methods of TESA Mexico (Testicular Sperm Aspiration) or TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction) in such cases. TESE Mexico involves a surgical biopsy of the testis, while TESA Mexico uses a needle to extract fluid and tissue from the testis. Sperm is then retrieved from the tissue.

The extracted tissue from the testicle usually contains mature sperm, which can then be used to fertilize the female egg by ICSI in Mexico.

A Good Candidate for TESA

A good candidate for TESA Mexico is on men that have zero sperm counts due to either a sperm production problem or a blockage in their reproductive tract, such as the result of a vasectomy, congenital absence of vas deferens, or infection.

TESA Procedure

The TESA procedure in Mexico is similar to PESA, but tissue is taken directly from the testicle instead of the epididymis. A general or local anesthetic is used. A fine needle is used to aspirate tissue from the testis, withdrawing some of the tubules that contain live sperm under suction.

PESA and TESA procedures do not collect enough sperm to achieve a normal conception and so the couple will undergo IVF treatment, in particular using ICSI. Sperm collected using these procedures can be frozen for use later.

Risks and Side Effects of TESA

There is typically no discomfort associated with the TESA Mexico procedure. The risk of complications is very small. Bleeding in the scrotum or infection of the surgical wound may occur. However, such complications are very rare. Clinics in Mexico follow the highest possible standards of clinical excellence to assure your safety.

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