Cost of IVF Mexico

About 10% of U.S. women between 15 and 44 years old (or 6.1 million) have difficulty getting or staying pregnant, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In about 8% of couples’ infertility, the problem lies with the male, whereas in 35% of infertility cases, it is both the male and female.

While doing ample research, many couples find IVF costs varies from clinic to clinic. The reoccurring discovery is that many clinics do not publicize the total costs, including the fertility medications. And many insurance plans do not cover IVF, though some companies are starting to help their employees pay for the procedure.

There’s a lot of barriers to access: it’s very expensive; it’s hard to get appointments; it’s hard to get information. In the US and Canada, IVF treatment can push upwards of $20,000. IVF in Mexico costs less than half of this amount, including airfare and hotel accommodations. While many couples successfully conceive on their first attempt — second and third cycles of IVF are still much more reasonable in Mexico.

More Affordable Options When Compared to USA and Canada

Infertility affects 12% of people trying to conceive, and yet the issue has long been a lonely one that people were ashamed about. That stigma has lessened as women wait longer to have children, which makes it harder to conceive, paired with advancements in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) that have given people greater hope that they can start families.

Even as Mexico offers lower IVF Cost, it is under the most effective modernized laboratory conditions. This results in better quality embryos with higher pregnancy rates, which ultimately saves you money. The remarkable freezing technology in Mexico costs very little, and gives you even higher pregnancy rates due to the endometrial uterine lining becoming effectively synchronized to the stage of embryo development; as opposed to fresh stimulated cycles. This allows you more chances for pregnancy. Puerto Vallarta has also emerged as a top destination for low-costing mini-IVF methods.

IVF Clinics in Mexico

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