PGD Cancun

PGD Cancun is a relatively new technique that allows the embryologist and physician to evaluate parts of the developing embryos. Learn More.

PGD Cancun with Bathrobe and cucumber slices on her eyes

PGD Cancun for gender selection is performed by leading fertility clinics in Cancun for the purpose of achieving a more balanced representation of both genders in a family.

Gender can be selected by utilizing technology called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Cancun, a technology that involves testing the chromosomal make-up of an embryo.

PGD Cancun is completed in conjunction with IVF Cancun. Once the test results are known, only the embryo(s) of the desired gender are returned to the patient’s uterus, thereby ensuring a nearly 100% accuracy rate for gender if pregnancy is achieved.

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