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Gender Selection

What is Gender Selection?

Scientific developments have led to an improved understanding of genetic disease, meaning couples carrying certain genetic markers are increasingly seeking gender selection to avoid passing on sex-linked genetic disorders to their children. But the newest and most rapidly evolving trend in Mexico involves the evolution of reproductive medicine to conceive a child of the desired gender.

Gender selection is attracting couples to Mexico in record numbers. Under the high-tech methods for gender selection in Mexico concerning scientific evidence are ― PGD and MicroSort.

IVF with gender selection in Mexico has been growing in attractiveness due to the accurateness and safety of treatment.

The cost of IVF gender selection in Mexico is a subsidizing factor to the overwhelming achievement and world-class reputation of the treatment. A large number of IVF clinics in Mexico offer low payment options for gender selection procedures to accommodate your finances.

A Good Candidate for Gender Selection

A number of reasons prompt couples to partake in gender selection for family balancing purposes.

Good candidates for Gender Selection in Mexico are couples with present genetic disorders, and women over the age of 35 (specifically for PGD because they carry an increased risk of producing eggs with an abnormal chromosome number).

Which Gender Selection Option Is Right for Your Family? Read more with our detailed guides on Microsort and PGD.

Gender Selection Methods

There are two methods available for the IVF and Gender Selection: Microsort and Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Microsort is employed in combination with several IVF treatments such as IUI and ICSI.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) has higher success rates in Mexico and is commonly used to determine genetic diseases. The embryos are screened for X and Y Chromosomes and only those of the desired gender are implanted.

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