Mexico Now Prominent Fertility Hub Offering Low-Cost IVF Treatment

Americans are disturbed by the high cost of IVF in the US. Patients traveling to Mexico for IVF save between 40 to 70% compared to IVF costs in the USA.

Inside the leading IVF clinics in Mexico, clinical directors pride themselves on employing the newest advances in reproductive medicine, low-cost IVF treatment, and secure destinations to ensure patients traveling abroad have the best chance of pregnancy success.

Each year, millions of Americans battle with infertility. For every 100 couples, 12 to 13 report they’ve experienced trouble getting pregnant, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

And adding to the challenge, Americans are further disturbed by the high cost of IVF in the United States. So, where do fertility patients turn in the spirit of false hope and financial distress?

Mexico has been able to build on its emergence as a fertility tourism hub. It has several vital advantages in comparison to other IVF destinations, such as the United States. 

According to Patients Beyond Borders CEO Josef Woodman, less than 5 percent of US medical travelers are abandoning the country for IVF treatment and are finding notable savings abroad. Woodman stated, “American patients can save 30-65 percent by crossing borders for fertility treatment, at clinics, such as Barbados Fertility Center (Barbados); BNH Hospital (Thailand); Centro Fecundar (Costa Rica); LIV Fertility Center (Mexico).”

It’s True — You Can Save on IVF Costs in Mexico

It’s no surprise that more and more individuals are disturbed by the high cost of IVF in the United States. 

The cost difference of IVF services between the USA and Mexico is so substantial that the overall cost of receiving reproductive treatment in Mexico remains lower even with additional expenses for travel and accommodation.

It’s genuinely a growing phenomenon — fertility tourism is on the rise. And while every fertility case is unique to the patient and treatment, on average, patients traveling to Mexico for IVF save between 40 to 70% compared to the costs in the USA. 

“We are excited to be a thriving, fast-growing fertility hub and offer patients low-cost IVF treatment and the accessibility and incomparable value that comes with an ultra-modern fertility clinic,” stated executives at the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta

How Do I Find IVF Clinics in Mexico

Due to the establishment of quality fertility services at a relatively low-cost, no waiting time, and a high reputation for facilities and professionals, Mexico has emerged as one of the leading fertility destinations. 

So, how do you find an accredited IVF clinic offering these lower IVF costs?

Please do your research when it comes to finding accredited fertility centers in Mexico. Read the reviews, watch video testimonials, and inquire about the IVF Mexico success rates. Check the doctor’s profile. Ask the clinic to speak to former patients. 

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