Does BMI Affect Your Ability to Get Pregnant?

The connection between weight and fertility is a complex and intricate topic. Without the help of fertility experts in Mexico, it can be complicated when trying to navigate current research that supports that weight affects fertility.

Every human body is unique — so it takes a personalized approach to understand each element that goes into not only a successful IVF Mexico journey but also pregnancy and healthy birth.

IVF Mexico experts advise that achieving a healthy weight can assist you in getting pregnant and improve your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

If you don’t have a BMI within the normal range and are trying to conceive, consult with a fertility professional in Mexico who specializes in metabolic fertility issues. BMI is an acronym for body mass index, the test employed by doctors to define if your body weight is within a healthy range.

Men who have a BMI of less than 20 are at risk of impaired sperm production and male infertility, in a similar way to underweight women experiencing problems caused by irregular menstrual cycles.

If you are obese and want to get pregnant

In most cases, being obese can ultimately reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Being obese can negatively influence your hormones and can prevent your ovaries from releasing an egg — also known as ovulation.

If you have a high BMI, bringing it closer to the healthy range before trying to conceive will assist you in getting pregnant.

If you are underweight and want to get pregnant

When you are underweight, it can cause your body to stop producing estrogen. Being underweight can also trigger irregular menstrual cycles — may prevent ovulation and getting your period.

Does obesity affect IVF treatment?

There is mounting evidence that being overweight reduces the success rates of IVF. Studies have revealed lower pregnancy rates and higher miscarriage rates in obese women.

Some fertility clinics reject women who are overweight for IVF treatment; however, the leading fertility clinics in Mexico understand and can offer nutritional advice and guidance to women who want to begin IVF treatment. Start your journey now.

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